Monday, January 21, 2008

Foiled Oils: Self Portraits 2007

this 20x20" self portrait gives me peace:

This is large 40x60"(?), another self portrait. I keep thinking about going back into it and introducing color, as well as, defining the features:

The following image is about the same size as the one above, another self-portrait that carries the same nagging feeling about going back into it:

The media is oil on linen with gold, silver, aluminum and combination leaf. These back-lit self portraits carry a retinal memory of The Revenant painting and drawings by Andrew Wyeth. I saw the work in one of the comprehensive catalogues of his work and have never been able to rid myself of his shadow when doing self portraits.


cindy said...

Wow! Debbie this site is so much fun!
I'm very flattered that you included my doll head with the notebook spiral topping..I'll be visiting it again soon, but for the time being I'm so inspired by all your projects, I'm motivated to go get busy myself.
Thanks for the

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

cindy: thank you so much for visiting my site! i am so pleased and i love my coil head doll. i think she is an appropriate self portrait, that i have sort of appropriated for myself. the photo is one of my treasures. i am so glad that i was able to invest in your art. when your site is live, please give me the address so that i can make a link on my journal.