Friday, February 29, 2008

looking at shadows

my eyes continue to work. i'm looking at shadows. in paint the light is yellow and the shadow is violet. my photo editor is not very sophisticated. may move to a gray value format, much more useful for painting. this photo is useful. sort of primal. the set-up is always there, after dark. the light source is fixed. the model does not move. my $100 camera shows its limitations, the depth of field cannot be finely adjusted. i finally, after 30 odd years, get the depth of field. when painting the eye moves around, the experience is in and out of space. my camera flattens it out. this is okay, because i like the tension between linear surface and a perceived depth, either through perspective, thickness/pressure in the application of the paint, value, hue and intensity. something is forward, because something is behind, and then the ambiquity of visually beside.

all of these last arguments must be left for the time when i have a loaded brush, a canvas, a wash bucket, some soap and water and some good clean lines.

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