Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The St. Peter's windows begin

i'm being lazy and distracting myself with words

i started a drawing
it is a big drawing
the paper is cream stonehenge
i don't have a pencil sharpener
i don't have an eraser
i am at ellen's
i have woodless pencils
i started a big drawing of houses
the view down haskell street,
across the old boley's place,
connolly's fish market
the portagee hill
wall street,
the crow's nest
friend street,
mount vernon street
the boat yard

so many wires
so many telephone poles
so many windows
so many rooftops
so many boats
so many houses
so many rolling paths

choose, choose, choose

my eyes fight me
too much information
simplify simplify

my gut says overload, overload
abort, abort

so why do i feel guilt
and the necessity of going
back downstairs to the window
and figure it out

my kingdom for a sharp blade
an eraser, the preference is white.

Mar. 25th, 2008

found some color

worked with the paint, the ground is too absorbent for this job.
it will work with the window pane projects.
must look for packing tape and set up a grid.
got eggs to make some glazes.
this will size the current 'watercolor'
too much prussian blue
found another package of colors
acrylic, but in fun kid colors
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Pherenike said...

you paint with words too. I like it.