Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving update

We moved in a month ago. Have intermittent internet access. I need to decide whether to continue use of the free linksys or purchase access through verizon or somebody else. do not want to tie myself to a landline. do not need another monthly bill. but, I need something reliable. another day.

Have moved most of my paintings from the first floor of my studio. there are several tall glass panels tucked into the corner that need to be moved, but before i can do that, I need to decide where they will go and make room. the studio here at home is not ready to work in. my "upstairs inventory" needs to be moved. personal possessions EB and I packed away 5 years ago need to be moved: boxes of my little ponies, my paper morgue (from art school!) do I still need the morgue? when's the last time i looked in there? 10 years ago?

the rains have stopped. My garden blooms with marigolds and zinnias and coreopsis and phlox and coneflowere, and, and, and...

until the next time the signal gods grant me a hearing.

maybe i will paint soon,

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