Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello Chris! Hello Howard!

My friends Chris Barton and Howard Kline, formerly of Rockport MA, relocated to Cambria California at the turn of the millenium. I miss them. Howard was and is one of my art buddies. We have had an on-going art conversation for about 20+ years. We used to go to the Boston galleries and museums to see the work of new and old masters. I miss those visits, but we continue our conversations through emails and the web.

I just received a recent picture that I may use for reference in one of my 'folk i remember' drawings.

Howard's work can be found at There is a link to his site under my 'other places' titled Cambria CA: Howard Kline art

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goodmorninggloucester said...

Bowie used to sell us fish back in the day. I remember going to his house and wading through room after room stacked with canvases. Tell him Joey from Captain Joes say hey!


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