Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The WIP (work in progress): Hake panels

above: panel 3, gold leaf and sharpie on reverse
glass with canvas backing

above : Panel 2: sharpie with silver leaf on reverse
glass backed with oil on canvas

above: panel 1, sharpie and oil on reverse
glass with combination leaf, backed with
oil on canvas

These are for a commission. The commissioner will get first pick of 3 or 4 or 5 or...I'm on a roll and I am working. These are 24x36" and I keep getting more ideas.

best to all,

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DaveL said...

Hi Deb,
Nice stuff, glad to hear the museum has taken the "bait" hope it leads to more commissions and more art and more joy! Whoo-hoo!
Say hello to Richard et al, (Bones told me Sag is doing a blues jam at the Rhumb line on Thursday nites, wish I could be there.)
Here in the desert I sometimes miss the ocean, but not the cold and damp!
Hope to make another trip out there someday,


Dave LeBlanc

P.S. Kathleen & I got married last summer, made a couple honyemoon trips to California (sunset on the beach is nice)