Sunday, April 11, 2010

Favorite Place

This arrived in the mail a few months ago.  It was scanned and placed on this blog, then it was forgotten.  It reappeared, found amongst my journals, a few days ago.  I thought it was a decal, basically useless to me, as I do not have a storefront studio.  Turns out, the front is the same as the back and one side is sticky.  I stuck in on the door of the Dakota.  I find humor in this, as my pick-up truck is not exactly a sociable looking place for a favorite place to be.  If someone with an iphone, or other device with the favorite place application on it, that little square can be scanned.  It will open my google business center listing, with my blog info and one can jump to google map, Voila! studio hours:  by appointment only.  Drawing class schedule will be up within the week.  I'm going to look at a studio space today to find out about evening classes (figure drawing).  Outdoor classes will be 7-9 on Sunday mornings. location to be determined.

You Too can be a Favorite Place, get your business on the MAP!

Debbie Clarke Art place holder on google business center


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