Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning 6:30 am

"St Peter's Square, 6:30 am" oil on canvas. colors: grumbacher titanium white (original formula), grumbacher cad yellow pale,  grumbacher yellow ochre, grumbacher red, winsor newton cobalt blue.

We met at St. Peter's Square this morning to paint and discovered there is a lot of color in this busy downtown crossing in Gloucester.  Not too many peeps around, plenty of parking.  I was set-up and painting by the time the students arrived.  We packed up at 9.  This is the painting that I did of Intershells' new seafood store.  The building used to be green.   Now it is ochre with a blue float moored along side. Perhaps the float will appear in the Fiesta Parade or the Horribles?  not too far away, and then, well, summer will seem to be over.    Below is my source material.

I think I saw more color than the camera.  Liz wnated to know what else I would do to my painting.  I wasn't sure, so I asked her what she would do.  She thought I should work into some of my color shapes.  So I did and I added some foreground interest.  

Here is Liz working on her painting.  Interesting how the Intershell sign intersects with Liz's easel.  almost looks like part of the painting.  and below is the shot over Tom towards Liz's area of interest, followed by Tom's second color study of the morning.  

What impressed me about this morning is that each painting had its own 'color', unique to each artist.  Two weeks ago I introduced pthalo blue into each student's palette and the resulting work looked as if we all used the same color recipe.   

My friend Charles drew with us for a while.  He is concentrating on perspective and started a delightful drawing of the Blackburn Tavern Building and the wacky architecure surrounding the Washington/Main Street intersection.  I suggested he go to the library and look at the watercolor drawings of Raoul Dufy.

Please join us if you would like to paint or draw with us for a few hours.  Classes are $25, bring your paints and/or drawing materials. we will meet next sunday morning, weather permitting at 6:30 in St. Peter's Square parking lot to set-up to start painting by 7.  The sun was four fingers above the horizon when I got there this morning.  Next sunday I might arrive by 6.  There is a lot of visual stuff down there.  Could keep an artist busy for a life time.  and if I keep doing this, I just might become a landscape painter, or at least a colorist.



Kay said...

so much fun..I adore your painting. I took my students out drawing yesterday..which I posted on yesterdays post..I hope to go back to the star mill to paint later.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

hey Kay! I saw your post and got a chuckle with the pics of the chickens (i kept thinking how is she teaching them to draw?) and then followed the rest of your post. mule and wagon? you are in the 'wild' west! looks hot and dusty.