Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my lucky fortune


e.b. said...

hahaha fabulous

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

oh, eb, this is just the best zen koan. love, love, love it and laugh mao everytime i see it. life is absolutely hilarious. amazing my sweet girl.

Amanda said...

okay, this is one of my favorite stories about my ex-husband. we were at a chinese restaurant and i was in a terrible moody, really whiny! i was wearing all white and i spilled something on it and i just started cursing and complaining and stomping around and i stomped off to the bathroom to clean it off. when i came out the fortune cookies were sitting on the table and i took mine and opened it and the fortune had been crossed out and it said, in his handwriting, "NO MOPING." it made me laugh so hard and totally changed the evening. i still don't know how he got the fortune out and BACK INTO the unbroken cookie. :)

p.s. i love your fortune.

p.p.s. have you ever been to a pat keck exhibition? i have a fortune from one of her robots. it says, "if you can't dance, you might as well not get up."