Friday, October 1, 2010


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This is a sketch found in an old spiralbound sketchbook. The sketch was a demonstration for a figure drawing class. My studio was very public, so we always worked with the clothed figure and i taught how to 'see' through the surface to the form. here i must have been showing the biggest shape of the gesture with counterbalance of the longest line.   visually pleasing to me is the movement of fingerprints from the right picture plane through the form and behind the descending lines on the left lower picture plane.  yes.  this is when Sue Anne modelled for us.


i was drawing a crow. more on that later.

this search through old sketchbooks is part of my preparation for The Sketchbook Project (you can see more about this on our blog: Starting on The Sketchbook is difficult. My real sketchbooks are a jumble of visuals, shopping list, notes to family, phone msg, research, etc. The sketchbook imaged here covers years 1998-2010. it's non-sequential and it is not full. sometimes i need a smaller or larger page. sometimes i need a sketchbook right now, and grab whatever is close to hand.

more and best, later.

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