Monday, February 7, 2011

answers to a few blogging questions

A young friend recently asked me about starting a blog:

1: wordpress? blogger? why?

i use blogger and wordpress. this nest is my blogspot. my wordpress is

i find wordpress a bit clunky and i have been having issues getting my photos to post from my flickr site, as well as from my computer. sometimes blogger is i went back to the basic uploader. my suggestion: use the site with the editor that is the easiest for you to use.

i continue this debbieclarke blog, because it is a commitment i made to myself when i started it. a public blog to post art, art thought, engage folk's imagination, share my journey and keep customers up-to-date with any commissions that i may be working on. maybe make a bit of money along the way (NOT) through ads on my site. the monetary benefit dreams have been left long behind. now the only focus is art: what i'm working on, what i'm thinking about, work i am looking at, art materials/process and answering questions along the way. i am surprised by the growing audience of like minded folk that continue this journey with me. thank you for your company! your presence inspires me to put my best foot forward.

2: How do you get people to read/look at your blog?

good question...i'm still trying to figure this one out.

my suggestion is to first figure out your personal objective.

fame? fortune?

set your blog up first. get used to working with it. develop your focus. then let's talk about seo (search engine optimization).

i am not a professional blogger. i am a professional artist using blogger to enrich my art fact, i think of my blog as an art-in-progress, as varied and colorful as my experience.

following is a site to a pro blogger that has lots of great information. i refer to it frequently as i redesign this nest of mine. have you noticed the judicious use of orange?

the link doesn't allow a share here. it is put onecoolsite in a google search and you will find it. it is a wordpress site.


ps: if you view this blog regularly and would like to share your thoughts about why and other observations, let me know. and any thoughts about the design of this blog is greatly appreciated.


Kay said...

I admit that my first blog never was used. I set it up but didn't really have time to do much. Then I forgot which email I had it under and went on to set up 2 more. Kay Hale is an Artist is the one I use the most. Then I decided to just hit next blog and see what I could see..kind of random..but I found other artists and actually took a look at some interesting name blogs they were following and have built up a list of blogs I follow that way. It has served me well since I was looking for the social aspect and not selling through the blog..I choose race horses the same way!! Cool names and I am attracted like a magpie to glitter. I eventually found my first blog and I never use it. I am enjoying the relationships I have and love to see postings of art and ideas. So I am sorry to admit that I found your blog in such a random way but I have enjoyed following you!caltal

The Devoted Classicist said...

Words of Wisdom, Debbie. I am a relatively new blogger although I have enjoyed reading some sites for several years. Although many, many sites are totally vapid, others are great presentation platforms of interesting thoughts and ideas. But something for everyone, I suppose, and that is the great thing.

Debbie Clarke said...

thank you for responding! cool names, art, ideas, presentation platform, social aspects...great points!

i've gotta get my act together about the social aspects...i look at other blogs, but make my internet quick...quirky internet connections.

one goal for myself is to participate more.


carol l mckenna said...

Deb ~ join BlogFrog ~ I get a lot of traffic from there ~ Of course lots use Facebook but I am not trusting of Facebook ~ like you said, though, the Focus is your Art ~ happy creating ~ hugs and namaste, cz:) ps. think spring!

Debbie Clarke said...

Carol, thank you for the note! i've looked at blogfrog...just haven't figured out how i would use it.

what's that? ;-)

this winter weather suits me right now.