Tuesday, April 26, 2011

packing tape art and a word on inspiration.

 reverse, adhesive surface. foil transfer.  2,3" 

 on black background. front, non-adhesive.  'the window'

 on white background. window face. non-adhesive

 detail.  leaf transfer in process.  window side, leaf on reverse.

my rather tidy workspace with work in progress.  expecting studio visits soon.


ps:  where did this packing tape art idea come from?  i use tape for grids.  the tape became more interesting once i started using it to clean up stray leaf droppings.  then i started to transfer the leaf from the tape.  and i had a lot of leaf, and i had broken one too many glass paintings, and i wanted to be tidier, and i wanted to just work with light.  

then, just now, i see the CSI using transfer tape to lift grit, fingerprints, evidence.  love those CSI shows, Criminal Minds disturbs me, so I don't watch.


Dennis said...

Looks great, notice some blue on the leaf. Since I used to be a forensic photographer and lifted prints, etc. many moons ago I'm still fascinated by those shows but disappointed I never worked with anyone like "Bones."

Keep up the cool work!

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

hey! thanks for the words. that must have been a cool job. there is no blue on the foil in this post. the blue is showing through the tape. i'm using the front of a reverse glass painting of The Dog and I as a work surface. one day i will finish that blue painting.