Friday, May 20, 2011

Transferring the Hokkusai

Hokkusai "The Great Wave"  from the 36 views of Mount Fuji.  This image was on my shower curtain.  A few weeks ago I started to 'see things' in the shower curtain.  What I was seeing was the slow dissolution of the vinyl print dripping down the plastic curtain.  It was not The Virgin Mary.  It was not the face of Jesus.  I replaced the shower curtain with a light green leaf printed affair.  the price was right $4 from Bananas.  long/short on the way to becoming a drop cloth I experiemented with lifting the print with clear packing tape.  yes, success.  below is an image of the work table with the transfer in process.  i will use it up, print, plastic, tape and all.  8x8" on stretchers.

best to all,


DaveL said...

At last! What to do with those old shower curtains!
Thanks Deb!

Debbie Clarke said...

you are most welcomed DaveL! i'm always so pleased to hear from you. out here in blogland it can get kinda lonely and then, i hear from old friends. btw: i'm tracking down Stones & Bones. nice email exchanges with bones last week.