Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something Fishy!

working from my imagination. 
this is a small reverse glass with oil, marker, copper leaf. 
size:  8x10, detail

to the left, 12x12 ".  imaginative fish heads: reverse glass with oil, marker,kodak holographic laminate, digi print transfer.  this detail does not scan/photo true.  the overall tone of the work is silver, not blue.  the glass will be offset to allow the layered holograms to 'float'.

I have a lot of work in progress.  Today's objective is to cut down the backing boards on some of the larger works that were started a few weeks ago.  I can 'see' the pescado, no one else can because they are so undefined.  beginning to see fish in everything, pushing me into new directions, new media ideas.  this must be what the art folk mean when they talk about 'pushing an idea'.  still using leaf, but i'm trying to not be too dependent on it.  leaf is very seductive in it's beauty, it needs some grit and structure to hold together as 'ahht'



Kay said... this series of fish doings!!!

Debbie Clarke said...

thank you Kay! it is fun and challenging trying to come up with some 'fresh fish'.

so nice to hear from you.