Saturday, November 3, 2012

Portfolio Review: Drawings

 after Gaston Lachaise
conte crayon on museum board, 8x10" or so
copyright clarke circa 1984
when Elizabeth was wee and we lived in Rockport MA

recently sold one, gave the other away, or did i sell both or give both away?  either way, these drawings are no longer in my possession.  i always have problems with feet, hand, head sizes, quite evident here.  these were studies for a very large foil cut out that i sent to a framer for lamination, then never retrieved.  not sure why.  I was going to throw these away.  now, i'm pleased that they have new homes, and i don't have the angst of wanting to 'fix' them and i don't mean fixative.


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Clarity said...

Happy to see you posting. :-)