Tuesday, February 5, 2013

big brush, 20 minutes

my friend Kay stopped by yesterday afternoon for a few minutes.  i asked her to sit while i set up a palette.  4 colors:  cad yellow medium, phtalo blue cobalt hue, cad red medium and alizarin (wanted grumbacher red, but i'm out; hence the 2 reds) and white.  twenty minutes a 2 inch brush and this is the result.  i've already started rubbing some of the profiles so that i can work on it some more.  

i have not set up a full palette in a long time, as a lot of the work during the past year or so  required small batches of color, mixed each time i started to work.  it felt good to move my eyes and arms as Kay kept moving around too (she is very animated.).   

the challenge for me is to keep the paint 'fresh' as  the work develops.  

can't remember the last time i worked from a model.  should do this more often, just to keep the motor
skills sharp.  did not reach a 'calgon take me away' moment, but had a blast thinking about nothing except what color is this, what direction is that, how does this relate to that,  and kiss (keep it simple stupid).


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Lynn Logan Roselli said...

I love the freshness of it! I love working from a model too...I don't get to do that too often. But when I do...like you I have a blast!