Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Feast! "Feed the People and the People will follow" the Bollenberg

Hello, dear followers.  I am well.  I have been busy.  lots of living, daughter getting married, a trip to France, celebrations of all sorts with family and friends.  I've continued to work at Bananas selling the vintage and gently used goods, as well as, continuing my daily art practice.

I'll be showing some work from an on-going series "Family Heirlooms" started in 1999 and redacted in 2013; within a broader body of work i refer to as apres Versailles.

I'm working on a Hall of Mirrors (about 80 glass and mirror drawings) selections from this project will be showing at The Flatrocks Gallery during the next several months, and through the first of few months of the New Year.

Most of my marketing and social media time has been spent on Facebook. It has been the easiest way for me to communicate and share what i am doing.   if you wish to connect and follow my public posts on facebook, please look me up.

i'm Debbie Clarke
Gloucester MA.

I will make an attempt to keep this blog up.  sometimes i find this site clunky.  

 thank you and best to my art buddy John Kelly for giving me a nudge.  folk do read this blog.  i  have another post about that.  later.  will try for once a week updates.  Sunday and Mondays are good for that.

best, and thank you for following.  if you're in Gloucester, please stop by to see Feast and enjoy a real look at my work.  I think it is beautiful.  


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