Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2015 and I'm starting off the New Year by offering prints of my art for sale through FineArtAmerica. Spoons is a detail of a much larger painting that I frequently use as a 'source' for new compositions, etc.

Photography Prints

Please take a moment and click through to the site. The bio has been updated, as well as, new offerings of the Ghosts of Versailles in the various work-in-progress states loved by so many, until i changed it. Seems change is the only constant in my art production.

There are no new shows in site, so I've decided to focus on some on-line marketing. I've spent most of today and yesterday updating, uploading and providing a few words to the tags, descriptions, etc. If you have always wanted a piece of my AHHT, here's your chance (at very reasonable prices).

BTW: If you are local and decide to purchase one of the prints, but want an original...get in touch with me. I can add an original signature, as well as, a few original brushstrokes, or metal leaf to the work so that you can have a 'one of a kind'.

Best to you as always,
feet on floor, eyes forward, brush in hand,

ps: I want to bombard the site with my work; but, have opted for a teaser. My plans are to update with new images once or twice a week. Maybe I can garner some interest and earn some dough to buy art supplies. onward. spoons acrylic prints and spoons acrylic art for sale spoons metal prints and spoons metal art for sale

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