Monday, April 21, 2008

St. Peter's Windows continue

Today I noticed that this warehouse is being re-habbed, or overhauled. There is a dumpster outside these three windows. The windows are getting broken. The dumpster is filling. There is a bus parked outside one of the bay doors. The school bus looks as if it is someone's home. I think this warehouse used to be known as the FBI Bldg. Duh, as a kid I always wondered why our Federal Bureau was in Gloucester. Duh, it was a family logo. I think it was Frontiero Bros. Inc.

UP-DATED: Thank you Joey! This is the former GMF building, next door to the FBI building.

I'm just a Gloucester girl with lots of memory and the desire to document my soujourn here.

I want to produce paintings based on these photos in reverse glass with gold and silver leaf.

I am in need of windows to paint on.

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Anonymous said...

Deb, my buddy Monte Rome from intershell recently bought the building. It is the former GMF building which is next to the former FBI building that you speak of.

Call Intershell, ask for Monte, I bet he will work with you.

If you want me to call him for you, let me know. Joey