Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Composition Leaf Sculptured drawing (her shape present state)

This is the present state of the drawing known as "her shape". The canvas is resized 22x22". This jpeg taken under natural light and a long exposure. The values are close in pink and gold hues.

same work under flash reveals the subtle modelling of the underlayers and the burnishing tool marks.

detail, raised the contrast and brightness to reveal yet another view of the ever-changing surface. these foil works seem to continually change as the light plays upon the surface. sometimes sculptural, sometimes flat, sometimes blindingly bright.

and one more to show the everchanging light and surface. the painting goes from gold to pink to green, to blue, it all depends on the surroundings.

23K highlight is all that is needed before signature.

as always,
continue to do that which gives you and others some joy.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought of the flash from the camera being in asset in photographing paintings - thanks for the idea.