Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PWA: Emily Sinagra's "Dory Project" at the Intershell cement bldg.

Emily's dad wrote a story The Wharf Rat's Tale. Emily received a Searts grant under the Partner with an Artist program. The kids transformed the cement block building into a graffiti filled building with images, words of the present, past and future. what will they take from yesterday and today that they will find in their 'dory' when they set off from gloucester into their future?

oh, and debbie clarke artwork provided some visuals to the story installation. the kids took off with the 'reflective' stuff and even painted on the windows (inspired, i trust, by my glass work).

fun was had by one and all, but i had to miss the party. i was working girl down at banana's the day and night of the event.