Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miscellaneous Notes: Recipe for making Litho Crayons

A recent guest of the nest arrived from a google search for a litho crayon recipe, one of my drawing tags is litho crayon, that's the link to the search result.  I thought the inquiry interesting enough to track down a recipe for making litho crayons.  My first handy reference, always in my studio at hand, is Ralph Mayer's 'handbook'.  The handbook is well indexed with 5 references for litho crayon under lithography.  There are numerous recipes under miscellaneous notes page 580-582  (fifth edition) for the making of litho crayons.  the basic ingredients are wax, soap, lamp black.  the recipe need not be exact.  the instructions are straight forward with excellent information about the properties of each ingredient.

I'm not a lithographer.  I use the crayons for drawing on paper and glass.  William Korn's litho crayons meet all of my needs, and they are graded.  i prefer #3 and #4.

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