Saturday, February 6, 2010

Studio Library: Hawthorne on Painting

This is a collection of critiques given by Charles Hawthorne to his students in Provincetown.  The criticques were gathered by Mrs. Charles Hawthorne.  Small, simple concise.  One spot of color against another spot of color.  One shape against another.  Don't worry about the drawing.  One correct size, shape and color against another and another creates a painting. 

Whether you want to learn to paint or just understand how painters "see"; this is a must.  a constant painter's companion and recommendation to all of my painting students.

Once again you can click through here to Amazon to purchase, and I will get a few pennies for your efforts.  or, Order from your local booksellar.  My local bookstore is The Bookstore on Main Street in Gloucester.  There is a clickable link in my sidebar.  Tell them Debbie sent you.

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