Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nude Painters in Gloucester!

checking out search terms that land on my blog.  this one caught my attention:  nude painters in gloucester ma.  roflmao over this one!  haven't seen any nude painters lately, although i often feel naked when i am painting, have not taken my clothes off to paint in the nude.  yet.  maybe soon.  if i can find a warm private studio.  oh.  i have done some nude self portraits, a long time ago.  i'm so naked in them, they embarrass me.  just a few paintings, a drawing or two, with issues connecting the head to the body.

back to nudes.  if someone wants a nude painting, i can do this.  do i want to?  if the price is right.  i will paint whatever you desire. 


ps:  today i teach little fingers to fold origami.  then i go to the Randomarts Gallery and put wires on my paintings.  re-hang the show.  going for critical mass.  must remember to leave room for peeps (i have a lot of work to share/unload).  there will be a free pile for those that wish to get something for nothing.

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