Friday, November 5, 2010

Paint this

BV=blue violet
RV=red violet
RO=red orange
YO=yellow orange
YG=yellow green

very small drawings.  the drawing on the left is 1.5"x2.5".  the drawing on the right is 1"x1.5".  the shapes are given to you.  the color key is given.  the values are not.  paint this.  in any size you want. this is how i see.  i want to see how you see.  send me your solutions.

 i'm cleaning out my sketchbooks.  sorting the entries into categories:  time, line drawing, color, self portrait, grocery list, miscellaneous notes, business.  no peeking.  in due time.

in your time, send me your solutions, i will post them here, along with a note about you, link to your blog, etc.

all rights to this concept are reserved, except you own the copyright to the work you execute based on these instructions.  should you choose to exhibit work based on these instructions, the concept acknowledgement to these first published instructions should be acknowledged with this statement:

concept:  debbie clarke, gloucester ma
copyright november 5, 2010
executed by (your name) date, and place. 

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