Thursday, May 19, 2011

hello dear readers, friends, followers and transient, random drop-ins to this blog

family matters have caused a hiatus in my updates to this nest; however, the art continues.  my travels bring me to  burlington where my baby brother has just undergone open heart surgery.  he is progressing well and should be out of hospital by monday (fingers crossed).

 i changed his diapers for the first time when i was 4 and he just wee..3days, 3 weeks?  one of my earliest memories is carrying his swaddled body from the center of a military double bed to my mother in the kitchen.  her mouth dropped at my simple words "i was afraid he would fall off the bed".  the next memory is my brother pissing in my mother's face, may have been a few days before or a few days after my intrepid carry.  he is a good man and should heal well.

thank you for sharing your time with me.  i will capture some pics of my art, when i can.  but, i think i will first share some pics of the Indian grocers that i have found in my travels.

eat your fiber, give up the salt. in our family it is genetics.

best to you all.

btw:  know of any good Indian grocers in the Burlington/Woburn MA area?  let me know.  i have time to explore and compare.


Kay said...

oh I do hope your brother recovers well and quickly. I too have memories of "helping" with a beloved baby brother..who is going to be 50 this month..where did the time go. Take care and see you here when you get back.

Debbie Clarke said...

Kay! thank you! my brother will be discharged tomorrow! only 3 1/2 days after surgery. amazing what they can do now. the doctors said he was the healthiest patient in the heart ward. he should be good for another 100k.