Friday, August 26, 2011

Sargent House Museum August 21, 2011: HERE AND NOW!

Pears from the garden at The Sargent House Museum in Gloucester MA. The black spots on the fruit and leaves:  fire blight?  There is a quince planted within 10 feet, showing same signs. Quince were destroyed in the United States during the 30's or 40's due to extensive fire blight, which can take out entire orchards.  Is there an expert reading this that is willing to take a look?  The museum is in need of some community support through volunteerism and membership.  The garden entrance is on Main Street between La Trattoria and Bananas Vintage, up the granite steps. 

I have lots of work in progress developed from my 2 Sundays in the garden.  Verre Eglomise and metal leaf on panel.  stay tuned.


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