Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fruits of my Labor: Sargent House Museum Here & Now! summer 2011

 detail left 10x20"

 detail right 10x20"

 detail right, brighter conditions

 detail left, brighter conditions

ready for the frame box.  10x40x2.5"

this is the paired pears from my time spent working in judith's garden this past summer at the invitation of Kate Laurel MacIntosh of the Sargent House Museum in Gloucester MA.  Kate invited artists to work in the gardens as a way to revitalize, bring awareness to the museum, which is in need of membership, donations and volunteers.  This was the second time that I have worked with Kate on a revitalization project, the first was for the Peabody Historical Society "Historic Interpretation". 

This work 'Fruits of my Labor" is comprised 2 glass panels (front and back) that are 10x40" heavy glass shelving panels.  one glass panel is worked, one is flat glass with no ornamentation.  the 10x10 inch stretchers serve as windows of time. metal leaf, oil paint and sharpie define visual references. the reverse is a metal leaf drawing of Judith's pears as seen in the first photo.


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