Saturday, December 31, 2011

one for the New Year.

so, i screwed up.  couldn't get my images into the right format to submit to the collage show.  bummer.  so, back to normal now.  just carry on, do my work.  stop beating myself up because i don't know sh#t about re-sizing images to have the right pixel/image/ppi numbers for the artthingy (an electronic submission thingy used by places for online entries...and this show only accepted online entries! grrrrrrrrrrrr.... DEB! stop biting your cheek!) is the portrait redacted in it's present state.  will make some gelatin slurry tonight and place a mirrored line drawing on the glass, then glue the whole shebang together.

 2012 is already shaping up pretty well for me.  In the Current opens on Friday at The Common Street Gallery in Waterville ME with 4 or 5 of my fish works on display.  The Cape Ann Museum has a four of the fish paintings that I did for them on exhibit in "The Rule of Four" curated by Martha Oakes. Free to Gloucester residents in January!  I will give a gallery talk/demo sometime next spring at the museum.

 Have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve everyone.  Here's to health and prosperity to you and yours in the New Year!  as always, your thoughts, comments are welcomed and thank you for taking some of your time to follow my progress through this blog.


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Kay said...

Happy New Year! I know the feeling..I submitted for a show and had to have my images on Flickr which I have never used...I went through the whole thing and somehow the url link didn't come up on the online app...sheesh...This new easy for the frustrating for me!!