Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some new work, under construction and one completed warthog?

 Above:  under construction, showerboard, metal leaf, glass.  22x22, depth variable.

 Above:  St. Anthony preached and the fish danced, icon in progress.
mixed media with egg tempera.

 Above:  fish or warthog?  mixed media with packing tape, digital photo transfer, kodak holographic mylar.

 Above:  fish scape, under construction.  mixed media with leaf, photo transfer, marker, tape laminate

Above, under construction.  face.  mixed media with silver leaf, gold dust, egg yolk

Above:  ibid, with glass.  
question of this state:  go back, go forward and use the glass to establish a 2nd work based on the first. 
 new work is intimated. the portrait redacted, again.

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