Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Picasso!

When I went to the last Picasso show at the MFA, it covered his early years, posters, rose period, blue period.  I went in the company of my students.  one student was in awe.  I forgot I was sizing my self up.  very simply I told Fred:  this is art student work.  exemplary, but student work.  the counter posture pose, the underpainting.  the classical tradition.  the breakthrough in the rose work:  he simply left  the awkward out-of-relationship drawing of the red chalk cartoon, a first stage on the canvas and moved on.  he didn't correct the size of the head...something that would get covered up in subsequent layers; if he had continued to develop the painting.

student Fred strongly disagreed with me.  very good.

I had to knock all of the greats off of their pedestals in order to be free of their ghosts and to make way for this Debbie Clarke way of 'ahht'.

and onward. i'm painting.

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