Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to Work!

we had an engagement party for my elizabeth and her man joshua a few weeks ago.  i had to clear my workspace to make way for the bar.  krash/slide and all survived.  forgot that all of this work was stored behind/beside/beneath.   wonders never cease.  back to work, getting ready for my mini residency at The Cape Ann Museum at the end of this month.  more details to follow.  for now, bringing work to various stages of completion.  will demonstrate process, be available to chat with folk.

below are various attempts to photograph the mirrored drawings.  the reflection kept getting in the way.  i  reflected a white showerboard into the mirror, then took an offset pic.  what appears as a shadow line is the reflection of the sharpie drawing and gold egg tempera.  the box is lined with black velvet and will barely be visible when complete.    

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