Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Book in my Studio

"Exhibiting Work

Question: How can I get my work out? Answer: Find new sources for exhibiting. Don’t rely on the old power structure. Find new sources in the community. All artists cannot exhibit in New York City. Where you are is good. Build up your own area, particularity if there is a weak cultural community. They need you for their vision. All Italian artists did not go to Rome. There were Venetians, Florentines, Umbrians, Sienese. Regionalism is important."

The above quote found within this little gem of a book saved my life as an artist.  I had just returned to my hometown after living in New York for a few years.  Home where there was beauty, artists and an art market for 'genre' paintings.  I felt as if I had left the 'art market' behind me and was starting all over again from the beginning.  This book came to me and this quote gave me courage to remain here.  I didn't give up on art, I just gave up the idea that the only place to make great art was in the city.  I don't know where the epicenter of the art world is now.  I rarely read art magazines. I don't know who the 'it girl' or the 'it boy' is.  What I do know is that my art keeps me busy, I have helped a few artists along the way, and have grown roots right here in my hometown.

You can get this book for a penny!  a penny!  it is worth a million more.


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