Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saatchi Showdown 25 january 2010 through1 February 2010

Click for the direct link to my Saatchi Showdown Entry.  Saatchi Showdown is where artists place their work (one piece only) against other artists work.  The public rates the work by clicking stars (1=lowest, 10=highest).  athe the end of the round, the two artworks with the highest average rating go head-to-head and advance.

This is my second submission to the Showdown.  In the last showdown i got a bit over 1200 views/ratings with an overall average of  6.96. 

The ratings begin tomorrow greenwich time...9am.

My entry is a verre eglomise mirror, titled "Wedding House".  It is a glass drawing that I completed last summer for the Peabody Historical Society's "Historic Interpretation" show.

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