Monday, January 4, 2010

Saatchi Showdown 1/11-1/18/2010 entry

The title should click through to my entry in the saatchi showdown. I placed a portfolio on Saatchi Online a few years ago and have never done much with it. I got a few scam emails, a few click throughs to this magpie nest, but other than that...nada. When the email came to my inbox to load up for the next round of the Saatchi Showdown, this Chorus Line entry was my response. If you would like to rate my work for the showdown, click the title. and while you're there, you can check out the rest of my portfolio, and the Saatchi site. There is a lot of great stuff on there, and some not so great, and everyone gets a chance to be a star...or not.



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