Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hakim's is continued, and done.

here's the palette.  will add some red to the shadows today.  refine the edges of some shapes.  and paint.  i'll update this post throughout the day.  at the end of the day i will post the progress report to ArtStack.

well, "Hakim's or this is what it was like when i worked in the bazaar..." may be finished.  i've run out of paint medium.  i'm setting this aside.  will look at it somewhere down the road.  phew.  feeling and intense electric energetic that i have not felt for a while.  it only happens when i'm working on a canvas with oiils.  maybe i should do it again.  later.

well, i had a bit more to say.  it may be done now.  unless i decide it has to have a face.

the media jar is dry.  and the surface is turning to soup.  i have covered it with a dust cloth and will take a look in another day or so.  oh,'s on the stove and needs my attention.  the scent is not pleasant with the paint fumes as a back drop.  opening all windows.  welcoming the wind.  then i will make soup.  and no, Helen Van Wyck i'm not teaching how to make soup today.

best and onward,

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