Monday, May 19, 2014

It Starts with the Paint

this 22" Square has been drying for a few days.
the surface is now dry.  will start with turquoise.  haven't been able 
to mix it, maybe a pthaloblue base will work?  this has been in the
back of my mind for days.

this morning i rummaged through my art supply stash looking for damar
varnish.  came up empty on the varnish; found a giant tube of Winsor & Newton 
"Turquoise" which is Pthalocyanine Blue, a pigment derived from copper.  
I mixed a turquoise note for the center of the figure, then through the addition of white, 
grumbacher red or cad yellow light i arrived at violet. the result follows.

the color changes the figure a bit.  i have a sense it needs
to be shorter.  the palette knife and rag serve as drawing
tools.  holding off on the brush.  the color spots will be left
as reference points.  the drawing needs some work.

best, and onward.

ps:  Elizabeth I'm thinking about Michener and starting with the paint.

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